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West End Wall

Ian Davenport has been invited to create a large wall painting for the west end of the atrium. The site for the painting is a five storey interior, feature wall that is designed to appear like a solid volume rising though the semi-transparent walls of the building. Davenport’s work is planned to occupy the wall over three stories above ground floor level.

Ian Davenport creates paintings which are concerned with the process of how paintings are made. He characteristically works in series and creates a set of conditions which predetermine the appearance of the paintings but allow a wide range of variation. His large-scale wall paintings are made using a syringe to pour paint, in vertical stripes, from the top edge to the floor. The painting process is formal and repetitive, like a scientific experiment, but the final image contains irregularities, where the paint is diverted by the wall surface, and surprises, where particular colour combinations create unexpected visual results.

Image: An Ian Davenport Painting

Ian Davenport CV


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