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Photography Residency

Photographer Peter Fraser was appointed in March 2006 to undertake a photography residency during Phase One of the building project. His brief is to create a body of photographic work that documents the environmental and cultural changes that take place during the demolition of the Walter Bodmer and Rudolph Peters buildings and construction of Phase One of the new building. He will also work with the Arts Steering Group to establish an archive for this body of work and other images and material collected from the Department. Since his appointment in March Peter Fraser has visited the site several times and is building an archive of hundreds of images. Although he is well known for his use of saturated colour he has elected to use a film that mutes colour during the demolition period of the project, which creates an elegiac quality to the images. When construction begins he intends to return to his usual film, emphasising the colour during the making of the new building.

UPDATE August 2009: We now have a photo gallery of Peter's work

Peter Fraser, Work in Progress, 2006
Peter Fraser CV


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