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The Glass Menagerie
Photography Residency
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The Glass Menagerie

Nicky Hirst has developed a proposal for the exterior glass fašade above the entrance to Phase One in collaboration with Hawkins/Brown. The work will be a large scale, screen-printed design applied to the glass curtain wall above the entrance and at ground floor level and provides solutions to the functional requirements for 30% solar shading and high visibility for the entrance. Hirst's proposal uses the Rorschach Inkblot Test as a visual motif that references ideas of perception, order, symmetry and opposition.

"The Test is scored largely on how you see rather than on what you see. (and) . 'meaning' is arrived at not through explicit imagery, but rather through subtle perceptual and cognitive paths. It is designed to evaluate how someone approaches his or her environment. . it asks the question 'How does someone view and organise the world around them?' "
Nicky Hirst, March 2006

Image: The Glass Menagerie, design drawing, Nicky Hirst

The Glass Menagerie, design drawing, Nicky Hirst with Hawkins\Brown, November 2006
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