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Past Events (2006)

Salt Bridges will form an integral part of the Department's strategy to communicate and engage with a broad public and foster a research community based on principles of inter-disciplinary discourse and exchange of ideas. The engagement of audiences, from the highly specialised to the general public, will be a key consideration in the development of project proposals and their delivery. To achieve this the Department intends to commission a public engagement strategy to ensure that a wide variety of audiences have the opportunity to engage with the projects in different ways.

In January 2006 the Department hosted a public seminar on Art and Science in Oxford at which artists Catherine Yass, Richard Deacon and Nicky Hirst discussed their respective projects at the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology, Oxford Centre for Gene Function and Department of Biochemistry.

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Art and Science in Oxford seminar, January 2006.
Left to right - Sian Ede, Prof Jonathan Hodgkin, Catherine Yass
Nicky Hirst, Richard Deacon, Dr William James & Prof Mark Sansom


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