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Consultant Artist Nicky Hirst

Salt Bridges is being led by artist Nicky Hirst who was appointed in August 2005 to develop creative principles to underpin the art programme and proposals for artists’ projects, collaborations and commissions.

Nicky Hirst has developed a conceptual premise for the art programme that draws an analogy between the relationships between art and the new building and the ordered and systematic processes of science, and the moments of chance and serendipity when a connection or discovery is made.

"Chaos, chance and poetry can be layered onto the more controlled and analytical structure of the building. The artworks need to incorporate notions of beauty and pattern, what fits, economy of means and ideas of form and order. The artworks need to conflate the boundaries where the processes and practices of art and science begin and end."
Nicky Hirst, September 2005.

Image: Nicky Hirst, 'Daddy'

Nicky Hirst, "Daddy", cut out printed tracing paper and pins, 2001
Nicky Hirst CV


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